Our dedicated Auction Division know how to run a good Auction! Our team are committed to achieving results and we pride ourselves in the way we run our Auctions.

Our Auctions run like well-oiled machines – it takes a lot of work and organisation but it’s worth it! Auction Day is an exciting day that our entire staff participate in and is a culmination of weeks of hard work and planning. However, our success rates speak for themselves – we average a 92% success rate.

Auctions provide a transparent, open and fair method of selling a property. All properties are placed on the market with an AMV (Advised Minimum Value)

96% of properties achieved prices in excess of their reserve price.

Selling by Auction puts a definite time frame on the sale of a property.

Targeted condensed marketing strategy for a five/six-week period, which is the most crucial in the marketing process.

Contact the Auction Team:

 091 565261